We CAN Cut Our Way to Prosperity

It breaks my heart, folks, I can’t tell you. Thirty-nine percent of the American people believe the US economy has now entered permanent decline according to a new poll from the CBS/New York Times, and 63% of the country believe it’s headed in the wrong direction. I don’t know how to voice my frustration and sorrow over this. Real people are affected, and there’s no empathy from this White House. I don’t mean sympathy. There’s no connection here. These people are just a bunch of robots. To the liberals this is just one giant social experiment. People’s lives here are being gutted, and these are people that are, in large part, playing by the rules, trying as hard as they can, and every time they make a move, there’s a new obstacle in their way, or the threat of a new obstacle in their way.

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It’s important to point out, polling data, even back in the Great Depression, nobody believed the situation was permanent, my friends. This is striking. Thirty-nine percent of Americans believe the economy has now entered a permanent decline, meaning they don’t think it’s ever going to reverse. Nobody thought that during the Depression. Nobody believed the situation was permanent. People still believed that prosperity was just around the corner.



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