Trump: Obama Is ‘Now Totally Lost,’ Boehner Must Not Fold

President Barack Obama is out of his depth when it comes to negotiating a way out of the debt ceiling crisis, billionaire developer Donald Trump tells Newsmax.TV in a typically candid, no-holds-barred exclusive interview.

And Republican negotiators hold all the cards in the talks, he adds. They are in a no-lose situation where they can either extract a great deal from the administration, or they can delay a decision so the president has to take his unpopular stance up again just before the election.

Editor’s Note: 50% unemployment, 90% stock market drop, 100% inflation. See the Evidence

The only thing the GOP negotiators can do wrong is make concessions just to get a deal through Congress, he said.

“Obama’s totally lost,” Trump said. “He’s obviously not somebody who’s made a lot of deals in his life.

“The man is not a man who makes deals. The one deal he made was Obamacare and that’s a disaster for the country.”



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