Throngs of Protesters Greet Obama in Philly, Clash With Democrats

Obama was in Philadelphia on Thursday to raise campaign cash, eager to score a substantial dollar figure on the last day of the fundraising quarter. But even as hundreds filled a $100 a ticket event at a hotel, he could not escape the debate over debt and deficits roiling Washington.

Demonstrators lined the sidewalk in front of the hotel holding signs with such slogans as “One and done,” ”Stop spending” and “Balance the budget.”

Once inside, Obama was interrupted by at least two activists holding up paper signs calling for more AIDs drugs for victims of the disease. “Obama: AIDs drugs 4 6 million people worldwide.”

Obama watched impassively as other supporters drowned the activists out and snatched the signs from their hands. Obama has encountered AIDs protesters before, including a fundraiser in Miami earlier this month.



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