They Lie! Almost No Temperature Records Were Broken Last Week

Did you know, ladies and gentlemen, almost no temperature records were broken in last week’s “record-breaking heat”? It is remotely possible because what we got in news reporting last week was a bunch of untruths, was a bunch of lies. “Record breaking,” quote, unquote, “US Heat Wave Breaks Records at Less Than 0.4% of All Stations Reporting Last Week.” I was in Boston. In Boston the heat index was reported to be 110, 112. They weren’t even bothering to report the temperature. I found it. The temperature in Boston on Saturday (or maybe it was Friday) hit 102, one degree short of the record — and do you know when the record of 103 was? 1926!

So the point is, there is almost nothing true in mainstream, Drive-By Media. Everything being reported today is to advance a political agenda of liberalism. Because, of course, “Record-breaking heat may last for weeks! Giant dome over two-thirds of country! No relief in sight! People stealing copper, people stealing air conditioners. It’s never been seen!” All of it lies. Well, the crime reporting probably wasn’t lies, but the temperature? All of it was lies so that on-air doofus TV meteorologist could dutifully follow up with…global warming, and, “How about those deniers?” Media myth debunked: Almost no temperature records broken last week.

Live it, love it, dig it. Whatever it takes.



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