The Obama Effect Hits Businesses

We all know about the Algore effect. The Algore effect is hilarious. And now we have a troubling trend out there, ladies and gentlemen, that indicates that there is an Obama effect. Now, the Algore effect is the documented weather pattern that brings record cold temperatures and snowfall to an area where Algore goes to discuss global warming. It never fails. Algore will go someplace to discuss global warming, and they’ll have a record snowfall, or they will have unseasonably cold temperatures. And of course it never occurs to the Drive-By Media to comment on this. It’s left to those of us in Realville — and I, of course, am the mayor of Realville — to comment on it and laugh about it. But now is there a documented pattern of the Obama effect?

We had an item from Industry Week that I mentioned last Friday before the long holiday weekend about another bankrupt company, Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of screws and bolts for wind turbines, i.e, green energy. They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last Thursday. Now, as you recall, Obama visited this outfit, which is in Bedford Heights near Cleveland in January 2009 before his immaculation, and he pointed to Cardinal Fastener & Specialty as the future, green energy. These are the guys that are gonna be manufacturing the things that are gonna hire people to work there, creating all the green jobs. This steadfast devotion here to the marvels of green energy is — who was it that said this? I was doing show prep and somebody said that what we really have here is the influence of Harvard in this administration, the faculty lounge. This is the kind of idiocy that comes out of there.



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