The Manchild President Cracks Up

Ronald Reagan wouldn’t sit here like this. Yeah, we don’t you just love it? Here’s Obama who in his books talks about how he hated Reagan and his minions and that his political objective was to undo everything Reagan had ever done and now Reagan’s the gold standard for these guys. All week long, all we’ve heard about is the Democrats telling the Republicans what Reagan would have and wouldn’t have done. So Cantor says, he told them you either gotta compromise on your dollar for dollar insistence or you compromise on the — I thought Obama said you’ve gotta leave your ultimatums at the door? Well, he did. Last week when all this stuff revved up again, he said you gotta leave your ultimatums at the door. No, he didn’t say leave his ’cause he obviously hasn’t left his. Mr. President, we knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a president of ours, and you, sir, are no Ronald Reagan. In fact, Barack Obama’s the anti-Reagan, and by his own admission.



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