The Left’s Desperate, Devious and Dangerous 14th Amendment Ploy

Seeking to make virtue out of vice, the political Left has launched a desperate, devious and dangerous ploy to prevent the spending cuts that the public demands.

They are laying the groundwork for President Obama to bypass negotiations and to ignore the $14.3-trillion statutory ceiling on federal debt. They want him to instruct the Treasury to borrow whatever it needs to satisfy grandiose spending designs, by claiming that the borrowing limit is unconstitutional.

If this happened, it would add a constitutional crisis to our economic crisis. And it would worsen our economic problems.

The Left bases their plan on a dangerous misreading of the 14th Amendment. They employ deceptive rhetoric to depict the big spenders as the saviors of the Constitution. They claim it’s the Constitutional remedy to protect our economy from the supposed alternative Armageddon’s of defaulting on debt or devastating reductions in spending.

The Left adds that this also would save us from the evil Republicans who won’t go along with job-killing tax hikes.



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