The Grand Emasculation

It might well be the grand emasculation of an American president. Obama is the odd man out, ladies and gentlemen. Now, they talk about the markets. “The Asian markets! The Asian markets were gonna open today. If we hadn’t done anything about this, why, who knows what would happen? The Asian markets! The Asian markets!” Would any of you people in the media try to show some empathy for the people whose lives have been destroyed by this administration as you are showing for the Asian markets? Would some of you please try to show some concern whatsoever for the people whose lives have been turned upside down by the policies of this regime? The markets have already adjusted. The markets are well aware of what our debt is. They’re well aware of the politics here — and even if they tank, they’ll bounce back.

I understand: Trillions in debt, $1.1 trillion in unidentified cuts. Now we’re all supposed to rally behind this or all those Asian markets go into freefall? Don’t think so. All this Armageddon that was supposed to happen didn’t happen. So here you have Washington spending freely regardless of the consequences (which takes no courage, by the way), but when it comes time to clean up the mess they created? Look at it. There’s really nothing serious going on in real terms of cuts in spending, but on the political side of this, Obama is the odd man out — and he knows it, and he’s trying to figure out what happened. You know (impression) “Where is it? Why am I not part of the deal? Hey, you know, I’m still here. Uh, uh, I’m relevant.” Mr. President, you really aren’t part of this. You don’t have a plan. There’s nothing from you on paper — and if what I heard today is true, and if what Boehner’s been saying since Friday when he failed to return the phone call, they’ve decided, Mr. President: Until you get serious, you’re not anybody who can be dealt with here.

You don’t get to play the role of adult, refereeing what all the kids are doing.

You’re not even in the game at all.



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