The Country Finally Can See the Obama We’ve Always Known

It’s only taken two years, and, what, seven months. Heck, longer than that. I mean I saw it back during the campaign. I’m talking about who Obama really is, this petulant, self-absorbed, egoistic little man-child. Even David Brooks is disappointed. He still likes the substance, but he can’t believe how childish Obama’s acting. Do you remember, folks, there was a book out there, you women will remember this. There’s a book out there, I don’t know, some years ago. I think it was written by a guy. It might have been written by a woman, I’m not sure. The book was He’s Just Not That Into You. Oh, yeah. Now all the women are nodding their heads. Oh, yeah. It was basically a how-to book for women to understand, “Look, the guy is not playing games. If he doesn’t call you back, it’s ’cause he’s not that into you.” (interruption) What do you mean it was a terrible book? Oh, it exposes secrets women should know nothing about? See, Snerdley, you think you’re a female expert. What you don’t know is that women know all the secrets anyway. They don’t need to be told what the secrets are.

The book didn’t reveal any secrets; it just depressed ’em because it confirmed that they were right in what they were assuming, and they were hoping that… you know, hope really is an effort to prove to yourself that you’re wrong when you know you’re right. That’s what hope is. I’m not talking about the biblical sense, of course, or definition. And I think it’s starting to become obvious now that we’re just not that into Obama and he needs to read the book. All of these speeches and it’s counterproductive. I think the reaction to the Bamster is, “Hey, dude, we’re just not that into you.” In fact, this is not even a “think”; I mean we “know” this. You go back and you compare the messianic idolatry people had for the guy during the campaign and the acceptance speech at Grant Park compared to now, and it’s absolutely true.



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