Sheriffs asked to arrest airport security agents

The issue of invasive physical pat-downs by federal Transportation Security Administration agents at airports across the nation isn’t going away anytime soon, with word that the Libertarian Party of Florida formally is demanding that sheriffs in the state’s 67 counties arrest TSA agents for sexual battery.

The enhanced pat-down procedures – or the optional full body scans that essentially create a nude image of passengers – were imposed on travelers across America in recent months, prompting a wide range of reactions.

Just last week a state law proposed in Texas that would have created charges against federal agents who impose those physical pat-downs – described by critics and “groping” – failed at the end of a special legislation session when representatives couldn’t assemble an enhanced quorum required during the special meetings of the lawmakers.

But they were expressing the sentiment of a lot of travelers across America – some of whom simply have refused to fly because of the invasive search procedures.



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