Rush’s Two if By Tea Refreshes Joplin for Independence Day Bash

So let me tell you about Joplin yesterday. We have four sound bites. I just told the guys up there, “Give me the whole thing.” I spoke for about ten minutes. I might use that ten minutes to fix my trackpad while you’re listening — he-he-he — just kidding. (laughing) So anyway, as you know, we sent a truckload, it was about 3,000 cases of Two If By Tea to the Joplin Fourth of July celebration. This was as a result of reader suggestions at our website, Now, we decided that we would do this as our way to celebrate the Fourth of July with people. We had over 3,000 entries, and even people from outside Joplin said, “You know, if you’re gonna do this, why don’t you send the truckload of tea to Joplin.” So we did. And we had the giant Rush Revere logo, the Two If By Tea logo on both sides of a giant semitrailer, and I’m gonna send the pictures of that up to the website people. I haven’t even done that yet, but I’ve got all that. That truck rolled into town, I guess it got there just before noon yesterday.

Kathryn, who is the CEO of Two If By Tea, she flew into Joplin and we had a bunch of volunteers and we started the process of chilling it and getting it ready for the onslaught of people. Now, I’ll tell you something else that we did, and I tell you this only because we mentioned last week that we had a bunch of, “Nah-nah-nah-nah, you’re gonna send free tea in there and you’re gonna harm the vendors.” We went around to every vendor, Kathryn did yesterday, and we compensated every vendor. We gave every vendor at the Joplin Fourth of July celebration some money to compensate for the fact that we were there giving something away. It was the right thing to do. Kathryn was telling me that they were suspicious. You know, here comes this beautiful woman offering them money, saying, “Whoa, what’s this? Is this a dream? What’s this picture here?” She finally had to persuade them and they took the money.



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