Rush Limbaugh on NASA’s Space Program

It wasn’t long ago that I found myself in Tampa. I had to fly over to Tampa to have a meeting about the upcoming release of our new iced tea product, Two If By Tea, which we have a website,, and we have a phone number, 866-662-1776. At any rate, we had to go over there for a meeting, and on the way back home, when we got back to the FBO at the airport, my pilots were talking to a guy in a blue Air Force uniform. I get out of the car and I approach the stairway to board EIB 1, the pilot says, “This is one of the astronauts of the final, last-ever shuttle mission.” I said, “No kidding?” So I went over and I said hello to the guy. I don’t want to mention his name. I know who it is. I had a great, great conversation. The commander of the mission was there, too.

Their T-38 had encountered a mechanical — astronauts get to fly around in T-38s. They get their own jets. A T-38, you ought to Google a T-38, see what it must be like to sit in the cockpit of one of these things and fly. You’re basically in a go-cart doing 1500 miles an hour. I mean if it weren’t for the canopy you’d be exposed. It’s an old plane but they had a mechanical problem. They had to put down. They were on their way to Houston back from the Cape. I had a great conversation with this one astronaut. These are the guys going up Friday, and they were nice as they could be.

And I said, “The thing that has always amazed me,” and I dropped a name that I knew they would know. You remember, Snerdley, there was an astronaut back during the TV show, he was a fan, and one of the other astronauts going up on a mission he was commanding had requested a videotape on Super 8 video that they would play for him in orbit from me, recorded from the set. His name was Kevin Chilton. Kevin went on after his astronaut days to run the Air Force Space Command. He’s retired recently, but he went on to run one of the most powerful, influential space agencies, space organizations.



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