Rocker Ted Nugent Offers Bachmann Music Tips

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann will not have to look far for replacement anthems after Tom Petty and Katrina and the Waves objected to her playing “American Girl” and “Walking on Sunshine.” Conservative rocker Ted Nugent offered up a couple of his own as replacement tunes for the Minnesota congresswoman that are not exactly family fare, The Washington Post reports.

However, Bachmann may want to vet the songs before cranking up the volume.

“Michele Bachmann is clearly a Great American,” Nugent wrote in an email to the paper. “Her words have iron, her spirit is indefatigable and her beauty contagious. In a perfect world her ultimate campaign theme song would be WANG DANG SWEET [expletive] just to fire up America and prove that political correctness is laughable. But since her ‘we the people’ Tea Party defiance is tantamount to setting America back on a course of rugged individualism and Herculean productivity, STRANGLEHOLD is the only choice. Godspeed [Michele]. Let em have it!”



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