Regime: GOP to Steal Christmas

Here’s Jay Carney this morning at the press briefing. CNN White House Correspondent Dan Lothian says, “Plouffe this morning and also Dan Pfeiffer tweeting, we’re talking about the Boehner bill and how it would mean dealing with the debt ceiling over the Christmas holiday season, which is an important time for the economy.” When did they care about that? Since when do they care about the economy? “Is this new narrative then suggesting that the administration would embrace some sort of two-stage plan if it’s past the holiday season?”

CARNEY: The reason why we talk about the holiday season is because as constructed now, the measure that the Speaker of the House has put forward would almost certainly require all of us to go through this again before the end of the year, in the most important economic season in the country, and at a time when people don’t want to worry about whether or not their interest rates are going to go up, their mortgage payments and their car payments and their student loan bills, and their credit card payments, especially as they’re buying gifts for the holiday.
RUSH: They’re not working, for crying out loud! There aren’t any jobs, you doofus! These are not normal times. And besides, this is a new construct, folks. Unless I’m missing something, the Boehner bill goes through next March or April, unless I’ve missed something about it, unless there’s been a change that I’ve missed that it only raises the debt ceiling enough to get us through Christmas. We had the Speaker on the phone and I asked him how long this goes, he said next March, April, I said, “You’re back to doing the same thing?” “Yeah. Yeah.” That was part of the plan. Part of the plan is to make the White House go through this again, to deprive Obama of a debt ceiling raise beyond the 2012 election so that he has his lifeline. Now, we all know Obama could spend the money so fast that it won’t last until April. Maybe they’ve got it figured that whatever the increase is, they’re going to spend it all by Christmas, could very well be there’s strategery that they are flagging for even as we speak.



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