President Obama’s Malaise Speech

I’m just not that into Obama. I was doing this stuff. I knew what Obama was gonna say. I knew I was gonna have the sound bites. I knew that he was not gonna say anything different that he hasn’t been saying since last Friday and then the speech before that. I know he’s ticked off, little man-child upset, summoning members up to the White House, thinking that he’s a king or dictator, what have you, and they’re not treating him that way. That speech last night actually was Obama’s malaise speech. Jimmy Carter gave one of those. But it was nothing different. Blames Bush. I know Bush isn’t ever gonna react to this. I wish he would once. It’s not in Bush’s character to do it.

I wish Bush would come out and say, “You know, it’s been three and a half years now. I think it’s time for the current president to start being a man,” stuff like that. So he’s attacking Bush, he’s attacking the Republicans, the corporate jet owners, not enough shared sacrifice, the rich, who are actually working middle-class families in his definition. He even attacked his own party. There’s no one or nothing he won’t use as a human shield. The same guy, by the way, Barack Obama, same guy whose own decisions have created the current situation is now pretending he can solve it by doing more of the same. If it weren’t so outrageous and sad, it would be a laugh riot.



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