Obama’s Promise Not to Scare Seniors Reaches Expiration Date

Well, folks, I don’t know how many of you would still be here if I came in and endorsed this thing today. With Dingy Harry — I personally know what a reprobate the guy can be after the “phony soldier” business. Sitting here and saying that he and Senator McConnell agreed a long time this is not Obama’s problem? Yeah, folks, here, listen to Dingy Harry. This is what a great deal it is! It has not taken the Social Security thing off the front page. It didn’t “divert” anything. All it did was fire up the left. You know, when the media starts saying, “This is a deal everybody can live with,” you know that it’s a win for Obama.

Now, “Senator McConnell’s plan would allow Obama to increase the debt ceiling and overall debt $2.5 trillion,” between now and the 2012 campaign. It doesn’t propose any structural entitlement reform or real spending reform to stop this train that we’re on. It just takes us down the road to further bankruptcy and tries to blame Obama for it. I’m all for that, but who do we actually want blaming Obama? We want voters blaming Obama. We don’t care, because we know who the media’s gonna support and who they’re not going to support. So that basically is my summation of this. I mean, you might disagree. You might like it, and have at me if you wish.

I just don’t know how the Republicans are gonna explain to their constituents, especially Tea Party supporters, why they are reneging on their 2010 campaign promise to address this debt crisis in a positive and courageous way. ‘Cause this just doesn’t do it. Look, nobody would love for Obama to take the blame on this more than me — nobody — but I think it’s happening. Where it matters most. You know what this boils down to (and I should not forget this)? I learned this a long time ago, and it’s one of these things that I should not have to remind myself of, but we do live in two different worlds. My concern is you. I’m in the arena of ideas, the court of public opinion.



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