Obama’s Only Hope of Reelection is Forcing John Boehner to Cave

John Boehner is Obama’s lifeline to reelection. That’s all Boehner is to Obama, nothing else. He not a golf buddy. He’s nothing other than that. If he can get Boehner to ultimately cave, Obama’s reelected. That’s what he knows.

Sorry, folks, it’s the only way to look at this. When they go in that meeting room and Obama sees Boehner, he sees 2002. He sees, “If I can force this guy to cave, I don’t care what the House vote is. I don’t care if I lose the vote. If I can get this guy to cave and put my tax increase for a vote, even if it loses, I win. And I get reelected.” That’s what Obama thinks, because if Boehner caves, it’s bye-bye GOP. That’s the thing that everybody must understand. If Boehner caves, it’s bye-bye GOP and nothing to do with the policy changes that might happen. If Boehner caves and takes a tax increase, folks, to the House and it loses, Obama still wins because the Republican base is so ticked off at that. Hello Tea Party, you know the drill.

That’s all Obama is trying to do is to wear Boehner down between now and Ramadan so that Boehner eventually caves, Ramadan being August 1st, and they say we go into default on August 2nd. You be the judge.



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