Obama Regime Document Dump: Stimulus Cost $278,000 Per Job!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the regime on Friday made a document dump. The Obama regime admitted that the stimulus didn’t accomplish anything. They admitted that every job created by the stimulus cost about $278,000, and let’s remember that every job created by the stimulus was a government job. It was a state teacher or state job of some kind. It was not a private sector job. Even at that: $278,000 per job. So they admit up front. Now, they have to do this. You wonder, “Well, why would they admit this?” They do it on a Friday, Fourth of July weekend when nobody’s paying any attention. What are the odds…? Have you seen this reported anywhere other than alternative media?

Have you seen it in the Drive-Bys or the State-Controlled Media? Of course you haven’t, and you probably didn’t hear much about it over the weekend, period. ‘Cause it just surfaced really within the last couple of days. But they admit it, and there’s also no recession inside the Obama White House. There are 454 White House employees. Now, look at me. Listen to this: 454 employees at the White House earn a total of $37,121,000 this year. That’s many more people and that’s much more money than even in the final year of the George W. Bush, Bush 43 administration. So there’s no recession for Obama’s White House. There’s no pain, and there’s no empathy whatsoever inside the White House for what’s happening throughout America.



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