Obama: Raise the Debt Limit So I Can Keep Being Irresponsible

CALLER: Hey, on the debt ceiling stuff you were of course right, completely right on that. I mean none of us could run our household the way that they’re attempting to run it for us with this money. But, you know, you said, well, it’s easy to armchair and we’re not there and maybe they just have to cut some kind of deal. I say, okay, fine, if they say the only way to do it is cut a deal, and if they say that you have to, you know, quote, unquote, increase revenues, and it’s okay to do one first and the other 12 years later, then fine, Boehner can say, “Okay we’ll take your idea, but we’ll reverse it. We’ll cut the spending now and we’ll increase the revenues in 12 years.”

RUSH: Okay, I like the theory behind it. It would never fly, and of course it would illustrate the folly of their idea.

CALLER: Well, exactly, it would never fly, and it’s ridiculous to even have to entertain the idea, but at least, like you say, it would break the folly of the idea.

RUSH: Yeah, I like it. “Okay, Mr. President, we’ll do the spending cuts now, we’ll get to the spending in 12 years. I mean it works out either way, doesn’t it, Mr. President? Still end up in the same place, don’t we?” Ha-ha-ha-ha. Great idea.



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