No More Plans, Republicans!

“Tea Party Members Are Suggesting Speaker Boehner Be Replaced.” I can’t tell you how I knew this was coming, but I knew it was. I knew it was coming. The Tea Party people are serious. There’s about a hundred of them in the House. Well, close to a hundred of them, 57, somewhere in there. But rank-and-file Tea Party voters understand something. Despite the massive landslide that occurred last November, both parties still have the same leadership. Nothing has changed. I knew this was coming. When I say I knew it was coming, because I have been told I can’t tell you by how many people who consider themselves Tea Party people, Tea Party members, short leash. Leadership doesn’t reflect what the election results indicated, get rid of ’em.

Now, the leadership thinks the Tea Party is a bunch of kooks. The leadership in both parties thinks the Tea Party’s a bunch of kooks. It’s not that they’re Tea Partiers, it’s that they’re outsiders, they’re not of the establishment. In Washington it’s really not that hard to be a kook. You want the word “cut” to mean cut. When you start talking about cuts, you mean cuts. That makes you a kook within the ruling establishment in Washington. It’s really no more complicated than that. Now, I don’t know how this is gonna manifest itself, but I do know that this has been effervescing out there and it’s now effervesced, or for those of you in Rio Linda “bubbled up,” to the surface.



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