MSNBC Suspends Mark Halperin for Saying What Everyone Thinks

So he wanted to say it, and he wanted it said, and he wanted those people on the crew to know that he said it. He wanted them to hear it but he also didn’t want the audience to hear it. That’s why he asked, “Are we on a seven-second delay?” He expected it to be bleeped as it were. And think of the grief that I got for calling Obama a jackass back in the day. Remember that? Now, let me ask you a question. If Mark Halperin had said this about, say, George W. Bush, would they be falling all over themselves to apologize? No. My guess is that new ground had been broken, finally, they would say, a reporter has had the courage and the guts to tell the nation just exactly the kind of president we have, a gutsy move. It might have been over the line, it might have been a little bit risky, and it might be something he would never do again, but by golly, by gosh, that’s how they would play it, had Mark Halperin said it about George W. Bush.

Scarborough says mistakes were made. Scarborough went on to talk about this producer and apparently scolded the producer on air. “Hey, look, you gotta get it right here, we do things –” no, you don’t. This is MSNBC we’re talking about. So blaming the producer. The media never had trouble calling Nixon a Dick. They called him Dick Nixon all the time. Nobody ever said a word about it. Tricky Dick, Dick Nixon all over the place. Now it’s, you know, Dick Obama. We got Joe Bite Me. We got Dick Obama. We got mistakes having been made. There was a seven-second delay that wasn’t deployed. The media never had any problem calling Cheney a Dick, Dick Cheney here, Dick Cheney over there, I mean it’s just selective. (interruption) Well, Dick Hussein Obama. We got tricky Dick Nixon. You got Dick Nixon. You got Dick Cheney. Dick Obama.



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