Media Attempts to Psych-Out GOP, As Bam Aims for Collapse, Default

There’s already a story out there that now there’s infighting on the Republican side, Cantor and Boehner not getting along. That’s all part of the plan, and it won’t be long, ladies and gentlemen, you know how we’ve often told you that Supreme Court decisions, when they’re really key, the Washington Post Style section will go out and do a big puff piece on one of the justices, usually Anthony Kennedy or somebody on the left to make sure they do the right thing. Don’t be surprised if down the road there isn’t a puff piece on some Republican in the House or the Senate who opposes Boehner, and the point is that Boehner’s supposed to read that and say, “Gee, I wish I could get coverage like that. Gee, I wish they liked me like that. Gee, I’m doing the heavy lifting, and they’re not rewarding me. All I’m getting is grief.” That’s what’s underway here.

In the meantime, do any of you have any idea what Obama’s specific proposal is? No, no, I said specific. I don’t want to hear shared sacrifice, and I don’t want to hear balanced approach. I want to know, does anybody know what Obama has proposed? Has Obama announced that he’ll accept X-number in cuts? Is there any specific from Obama or anybody in the White House? There is not, is there? The Republicans are offering specifics, “That doesn’t work. Oh, no, we gotta have shared sacrifice. Oh, no, we need a balanced approach.” I think if I’m Boehner, I say, “We’re not coming up here anymore until you go public with what your specifics are, ’til the American public knows what you want because I’m sick and tired of coming up here and being your whipping boy. And by the way, Mr. President, I’m not gonna be your lifeline to reelection,” ’cause like I said yesterday, when they get in this room, Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, looks at Boehner and he says, “My lifeline. I get this guy to cave, I get reelected.” And that’s all this is about.



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