Libs Recycle Warmed Over Tactic to Push Their Climate Change Hoax

You know, that’s the argument these people have been using for decades. I first heard this argument made by a Professor (what was it?) Oppenheimer. Some guy named Oppenheimer. It was on This Week with David Brinkley when I was in Sacramento, and I remember it was the summertime (it had to be 1985) and back then of global warming he said, “We can’t prove it. We can’t prove it,” and it was just five years earlier that Newsweek and TIME Magazine had their cover stories on global cooling and the coming of a new ice age. So these guys are out now with global warming, and we only had 20 years. We only had 20 years — and if we were wrong, then disaster was gonna happen and we would not be able to do anything about it.

And the argument was: “We can’t prove it, but what if we’re right? We had better get started now! There’s no harm even if we’re wrong,” and, of course, there would be tremendous harm because the solution to manmade global warming is communism. The solution to manmade global warming is socialism. That’s what it’s all about. So here comes this guy, “Conservation International” Cofounder Peter Seligmann: “Okay, let’s assume there’s only a 20% chance that climate change science is right. Do you take the risk of not responding to it?” We know it’s a hoax! It’s been established as a hoax — and, by the way, if there was a 1% chance that that plane you were getting into this morning was gonna fly here was gonna crash, would you get on it? People do every day. People get on every day. There is a percentage that an airplane is gonna crash, and people get on ’em every day. Make no mistake about it.

So they’re back now to recycling the same old arguments.



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