Left Uses Skewed Debt Limit Poll to Push Compromise on the GOP

So the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll: “Public Tilts Toward Debt-Cap Compromise.” Independents have all of a sudden gone through a great awakening and are now demanding that Obama get what he wants. One of the many lessons learned by those of you who attend class here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies is that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and polls. We live in a center-right country, so any time center-left poll results are advanced by the State-Controlled Media, beware. Skewed polls are used to make news and then to shape opinion. They are used to confuse issues, not to bring clarity. And when it comes to the debt ceiling crisis manufactured by a president and his party who thinks leading means to vote “present,” which is all he’s doing here, confusion is the only way that he can continue to advance his war on prosperity.

John Podhoretz writing at Commentary says the big news today in Washington is this poll. Oh, yeah, they’re glomming onto this poll like, “Oh, my God, salvation! Jesus has spoken,” except Jesus isn’t any big deal to these people. Allah has spoken, whoever, Gaia, God has spoken. And the poll “shows both a pox on all your houses attitude toward the president…” Really? “This is a poll of adults. Not registered voters. Not likely voters. Adults. As a practical matter, a politician judges the danger to himself from a political stand based on how actual voters will respond. In this case, the poll offers no guide to that. Turnout in the 2010 midterm election that brought 63 new Republicans to the House was 41 percent of registered voters.” Turnout in the 2010 midterm election that gave us a landslide Republican victory all the way down the ballot was 41% of registered voters.

“Registered voters make up 61 percent of all adults. Therefore, the actual constituents to whom Republican House members must respond constitute something like 20 percent of the universe of adults who make up the respondents of this poll.” That is the way to put this in perspective. Twenty percent of adults in this poll represent people who vote. That’s it. “There are two reasons to do a poll of adults only on a complex matter involving Congress in a non-election year. One is cost; it is more expensive to do a rigorous poll of registered or even likely voters. The other is to skew the debate.” Which is what is happening here. To skew the debate. Pure and simple.



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