How You Respond to a Serial Liar

How do you respond to a serial liar? That is a question that we have all faced. You know, everybody asks me, “What should the Republicans do?” By the way, nobody’s been laid off in Wisconsin, either, thanks to Scott Walker and the Republicans, it is an important point. Nobody’s been laid off in the process of the budget cuts that produced a one-and-a-half-million-dollar surplus in that school district, not one person has been fired or laid off. So none of the horror that was predicted has come to pass. In fact, just the exact opposite of the horror has come to pass.

I had people ask me, “What should the Republicans do?” or, “Why don’t the Republicans say this?” Well, how do you respond to a serial liar? Do you take every sentence of a speech or a press conference line by line and do you say this isn’t so, and that isn’t so. Do you try to explain why you don’t hate the elderly or why you don’t hate the poor, or why you don’t hate children or why you don’t hate cats and dogs, why you don’t hate rainbows? The Republicans, led by conservative Republicans, have put forth plans to cap spending, taxes, and regulations. They have a means to deal with the debt ceiling increase, which is simple. It’s basically spending cuts for every dollar over the limit. This is good. Every day Republicans ought to propose new cuts in spending. That’s the elixir here.



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