Furious: The Obama Regime Gave 2,000 Guns to Mexican Drug Lords

Yesterday morning there was a stunning development in Congress’ investigation of the Justice Department Fast and Furious gunrunning program. You remember this. This is where ATF allowed a criminal element to purchase AK-47s and other weapons and ammo at Phoenix gun stores, Arizona gun stores; and then take them across the border into Mexico. The theory, or the stated objective here, was to track this stuff back to Mexican drug lords so we could find out who they are and how they were using the stuff and all that, and it turned out the weapons ended up being used to kill Americans, and I’m gonna tell you right now. As I said the first time I mentioned this whole story to you, I will guarantee you — well, it’s gonna be hard to guarantee it, but I am “confident.”

I’ll put it that way: I am confident. This is a government-run program. It’s out of the Justice Department, Eric Holder; and that means it’s Obama. It will never get up to Obama, but don’t doubt me on this. This was an attack on the Second Amendment. The purpose of this was to have it all go wrong, have American guns (sniveling liberal impression) “because they’re so widely available; you can go into any gun store in America and buy an assault rifle,” quote, unquote; end up owned by Mexican drug lords. (Gasp!) We were supposed to be so appalled and outraged by that that the American people would clamor for gun control. That’s what they were trying to do; nobody’s gonna ever convince me otherwise. Nobody.



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