Fear: GOP Will Cave on Sunday, Agree to Hike Taxes with Fake Cuts

If there is a cave on this we could lower the debt ceiling and make our debt payments, as I detailed yesterday. We are not at risk of default. We are not in danger of default. Anybody, either party who says we are is engaging in demagoguery and the same classic Washington tactic of creating for you a crisis, an apocalyptic crisis that has to be solved now or else. I’m telling you, that isn’t true. Just as the world was going to end if we didn’t get TARP, that wasn’t true. None of the forecast crises and their accompanying apocalypse have been true. Nothing that they have tried to scare us with since 2008 has been true. So if this cave happens, hello third party, it’s going to happen, and then you’re gonna see a wave of new presidential candidates get in the race, and Rick Perry will decide at that moment, it’s time to get in, and Paul Ryan, who knows.

I don’t mean to be alarmist here, but if these guys cave, the November elections of 2010 — see, the thing to me is that Boehner isn’t under any pressure. His base does not want to compromise. We do not want a compromise. Whatever pressure Boehner thinks he’s under is coming from somebody else, ’cause it’s not coming from us. We don’t want him to cave. We want what’s right. If they come out of there with no deal that’s advantageous for us and is not representative at all of the November 2010 elections, I’m afraid to predict what’s gonna happen to these incumbent Republicans. Rasmussen today, 72% of the country favor free market economy over one managed by the government. Seventy-two percent, in other words, want to fire Obama. Seventy-two percent want to fire every Democrat in Congress. Seventy-two percent of the people want their country back. This is why Democrats hate the Tea Party, and this is why the Republicans have to hold firm.



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