Economic Terrorism: Obama Lies About Social Security Checks

Obama did an interview with Scott Pelley, who’s the new anchor of the CBS Evening News, and I don’t mean to insult Scott Pelley here. If I didn’t know better, I would say that the White House handed Scott Pelley the questions. They handed him a transcript of this interview in advance and he dutifully followed it. “Can you guarantee, Mr. President, that if there’s a shutdown, can you personally guarantee that Social Security checks will go out for seniors?” “I can’t, Scott, I’m glad you asked me that. I can’t guarantee, and not just the old people, Scott, it’s veterans, too. I can’t guarantee it. Those checks probably won’t go out.”

“Can you guarantee, Mr. President, can you personally guarantee checks will go out?” No. He’s got a gun to the heads of seasoned citizens. Economic terrorism. And Scott Pelley couldn’t challenge Obama about his claims at all? Couldn’t challenge him? Is he really that uninformed? We only had the excerpt. We don’t know if he challenged him or not. What are the odds? But we haven’t seen the excerpts so we don’t know. Now, I ask you a question. Is Obama acting like the grownup in the room when he tries to scare senior citizens about their Social Security checks, is that being responsible? He’s been talking about how we need to be responsible and no ultimatums, and we need to stop all this childishness. Is that even being civil to say that you can’t guarantee that Social Security checks will go out? Okay, if he can’t guarantee it, it’s time for a commercial. Barack Obama pushing a woman in a wheelchair over the cliff.

He wasn’t asked about the welfare checks. I’m sure they’ll go out. I’m sure the welfare checks will go out. Yeah. That’s the guy’s point, put out a list of all the people that will get their checks. Medicare. Will old people get their Medicare? Will old people get their health care, or is that gonna stop, too? Will the poor get their Medicaid? Will the poor get their health care? That’s what we need, folks, Obama pushing a grandmother in a wheelchair over the cliff. Just run that Ryan commercial right back at ’em.



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