Do House Republicans Really Think They’re Winning This Thing?

Folks, I must tell you, I am being bombarded from all four corners of the earth. I’m being bombarded. “Rush, take a look at this brilliant piece by Thomas Sowell who says the Boehner bill is great. It’s not great but it’s the best we can do. We’ve got to go for it. I know you love Tom Sowell, Rush, what do you think of this?” Other e-mails laying out various scenarios, rationales for accepting the Boehner bill. “What do you think of this, Rush?” The pressure is on, ladies and gentlemen, but the truth is now apparent.

The Democrats, the White House say no to the Boehner bill, but it gets over there if it passes the House and then Dingy Harry is going to start making changes to it. That’s the plan. And the White House is now adopting this whole notion that the Republicans are spoiling Christmas, the Boehner bill recreates the debt limit fight all over again during the holidays. I did get an e-mail explanation on this from Jack Ramirez who is a subscriber Rush 24/7. “Rush, the new Boehner bill has fewer dollars in it, $917 billion, where the first version was over one trillion. The bill, though, wants the cuts to exceed the debt ceiling increases, therefore under the new Boehner bill would lower cuts, the ceiling increase is lower and expires sooner, sometime late this year instead of next year.” That’s Jack’s explanation of how Christmas is relevant.



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