Democrat Governor Dayton Caves to End Minnesota Gov’t Shutdown

In a little known, little-reported story: “Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton sent a letter Thursday to House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, saying he ‘reluctantly’ agrees to accept the Republican budget proposal from June 30 if it will end the government shutdown. Dayton said accepting the offer would bridge a $1.4 billion gap between him and the Republican leadership. The governor says he has ‘serious reservations’ about the GOP plan, but Minnesota’s government shutdown must end. ‘If this gets resolved and gets Minnesota back to work in the next few days, then it doesn’t matter what people say about me,’ Dayton said.”

Look, I don’t want to pour salt in the wound here by using the word “cave,” but clearly the Republicans in Minnesota, they held firm. This has been going on for two or three weeks now, and the usual threats were being bandied about in the Minnesota press just as they are here in the national press, and the usual accusations and the usual doom and gloom and the usual Minnesota senior citizens are gonna end up ice fishing, nobody is gonna cut the hole in the ice for them, so not gonna catch anything, gonna be disaster out there, and still the Republicans held firm in Minnesota.



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