Conservatives in Revolt Over McConnell Proposal, So Imagine What’ll Happen After a Full Cave!

I’m going to boil it down to something very simple. Republicans gotta get back and focus on fixing the problem and not trying to fix the blame. I knew that what was behind Senator McConnell’s effort was fear. They’ve not gotten over the budget battle of 1995. They just haven’t gotten over it. Clinton snookered ’em, Newt and the boys thought that they were gonna win that one hands down, and they didn’t, although the Republicans got reelected after that, so did Clinton. But the Republicans didn’t lose the House after it. It was not nearly the disaster that they think it is to this day, but they have never gotten over it. It’s like the formative experience in their lives, those Republicans that are still in Washington who were there for that budget fight in 1995. They don’t want to do anything that reeks of a government shutdown, and a default can be characterized by the Democrats and Obama as a government shutdown, and they think they lose in a government shutdown, so they don’t want any part of it.

Now, I got a note. I didn’t read this, but I got a note saying that the last caller, our last caller who thought the base is going wobbly, meaning you, was right that McConnell’s plan is exactly what Charles Krauthammer suggested in his last column. Now, I haven’t read that Krauthammer column, or as Henry Kissinger once said to me, (doing voice) “the Krauthammer column.” I’ve never forgotten it. “The Krauthammer column.” And I didn’t read it, so I don’t know what this is, but the note says that Krauthammer said that we need to do to the Democrats what they did to the Ryan plan, whatever that is. I guess that’s rip it to shreds, and I guess do nothing and make the Democrats come forward with their cuts. That was apparently what Krauthammer’s idea was, make the Democrats put something on the table here. We go up there, we got all these ideas, they leak what the ideas are, Obama acts in that arrogant, condescending way. That’s what this was all about, and sadly it had the effect of throwing in the white towel.

I’m sure McConnell’s also ticked off the Senate has not had a budget. The Senate, the Democrat Senate has not put a budget on the table for over 800 days. Now, what makes anybody think that they’re gonna change? What possible pressure could anyone bring to make the Democrats in the Senate bring forth a budget? There’s nothing. There’s nothing that’s gonna make ’em do that, pure and simple.



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