CNN Ignores Poll Results Showing Strong Support for ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’

CNN touted results from its newly-released poll Thursday showing Americans favor a balance of spending cuts and tax increases in the debt ceiling debate, as well as raising the debt ceiling. What the network completely failed to report — although NewsBusters reported it — was that Americans also favored two conservative positions – passage of a balanced budget amendment, along with spending cuts and future spending caps.

CNN’s deputy political director Paul Steinhauser emphasized that the poll results favored Democrats over Republicans. He insisted that “the headline here is Americans want compromise,” and pointed out that 64 percent of respondents favored including both spending cuts and tax increases, “kind of like what the president is suggesting, what the Gang of Six is suggesting.”

Then he reported that President Obama and the Democrats will receive less blame than congressional Republicans if no deal is reached by the deadline, August 2.



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