Caught Lying Again: Media Blames Christians for Left-Wing Terror

Homegrown terrorists are always labeled “right wing” by the media.
The media are liars.

The New York times headline on July 24 was “As Horrors Emerge, Norway Charges Christian Extremist.”

The Miami Herald on July 24 reported that Norwegian terrorist Anders B. Breivik was considered a right wing, fundamental Christian. They reported that he was “religious.” Later in the article, it says, “In a Facebook page and a Twitter account set up under his name days before the rampage….he cited philosophers like Machiavelli, Kant, and John Stuart Mills.” Hmm. Strange. Kant hated Christianity.

Wikipedia says, “…Kant (w)as thoroughly hostile to religion in general and Christianity in particular.”

Wanna get into the mind of Norwegian Breivik the Bomber? Fundamental Christianity doesn’t live there.

Conclusion: The liberal media lies.



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