Can We Ever Cut Entitlements?

I’ve seen the numbers on what each household owes as its share of the national debt, and a household is defined — hell, two dogs and a hamster these days, who the hell knows. But the problem is with something like that, the minute you pass that law that raises taxes and the receipts are directed to a specific entity — first, I don’t know, I’m gonna have to check this, I don’t know that it’s even legal, but even if it were it wouldn’t last a week before they would change it and allow themselves the opportunity to do something else with the revenue. But the problem that we face isn’t a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Too many people look at all of this as social justice and thus class warfare. That kind of law would never see the light of day.

The 49% of the American people not paying taxes now would have to start under your plan and I guarantee you those people have been raised and conditioned to believe that being an American means they don’t pay anything and they get whatever they want for the most part just because they’re Americans. And so whoever proposed that, those people wouldn’t stand a prayer of being reelected. But this problem is not gonna be solved with taxation, is the main thing people have to understand. This problem is going to be solved with more taxpayers growing economy, more people paying taxes because there are more people being hired with the economy growing, coupled with spending restrictions. This is a pure spending problem.

Let me tell you, you could confiscate all the wealth over $250,000 in this country, and you would run the government for a couple of weeks. Taxation’s not the solution here. When you hear Democrats talk about raising taxes, fairness, shared sacrifice and all that, all they’re trying to do is prevent the creation of wealth, and I don’t want to sign up with anybody whose main objective is denying people the ability to create wealth for themselves.



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