Boehner Should Tell Obama: “Call When You’re Ready to Talk Cutting Spending, Not Raising the Ceiling”

What Boehner should do is go play golf with Obama at Obama’s favorite course. Folks, I’m serious when I said the Republicans don’t have to do anything here. This is all on the Democrats. It’s all on them. I know the pressure is just the opposite. The pressure is on, Obama’s gonna compromise and put his Medicare stuff and entitlements on the table, he’s gonna make Pelosi mad. I don’t think they care about Pelosi anymore, frankly. I think she’s been marginalized. I really don’t think they care. I think she, in fact, embarrasses them. In fact, she did embarrass them. There was a meeting last Thursday up there at the White House, and Pelosi had been running around on junkets and she hasn’t been in all the meetings, and she shows up at this meeting and she said, (paraphrasing) “Look, why don’t we just decouple the deficit and the national debt from the debt limit and just do these things separately,” and the room was shocked and stunned.

The report said that Obama looked at her and politely told her that that train had left the station months ago. So there was a scramble from Pelosi’s office to put out a release, (paraphrasing) “Leader Pelosi of course is fully up to speed on all going on in the talks,” blah, blah, blah, blah. And Steny Hoyer put a press release out praising Leader Pelosi and so forth. But I really think she’s not really much of a factor in all this. It is all on the Democrats. Public pressure of course is compromise, gotta do this or Republicans gotta give, Obama’s gotta give. That’s the way it’s always been done, and look where it’s gotten us. So go play golf at Obama’s favorite course and say to him, “Mr. President, when you’re ready to cut spending, you let me know.” Otherwise Ramadan hits August 1st, and the debt limit goes up August 2nd. Well, that’s why the August 2nd deadline, folks, we don’t want to offend anybody. We don’t want our debt limit to offend ’em during Ramadan.



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