Behind the Scenes, They’re All Working on Plan C (Tax Increases)

This entire process is deceptive and I don’t think everybody’s being told the facts. Yesterday I pretty much put forth a conspiracy theory that we’ve been set up from the start, that we’re a bunch of saps being played as saps. Remember when Boehner broke off talks with Obama, said he was going to try to make a deal with the leaders in the Senate. Maybe he did do exactly that and maybe he’s been quietly working with McConnell, Reid and Biden, all along behind the scenes. The Boehner and Reid plans are remarkably similar except for the timeline and the BBA. The timeline could be easily extended by just adding in the phony defense cuts from Reid’s bill. It could well be that Reid called the Boehner bill dead on arrival to give Boehner cover on the right. Maybe it’s all been kabuki theater after all.

The reason that I say this is there’s a Fox News story by Ed Henry. The real deal Boehner was working on while asking his members to vote for a deal that he knew would be used to bring this all about, potential debt limit Plan C emerges. Plan C. “Democrat officials are cautiously optimistic.” This is from yesterday. “Democratic officials are cautiously optimistic that the outlines of a potential compromise — a ‘Plan C’ — are emerging that could bridge the differences between plans pushed by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. The officials said President Obama has spent the past couple of days quietly reaching out to leaders in both parties to try and start hammering out the details, though it’s clear this is still only in the discussion phase and they are not close to a deal yet. Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., hinted at such a compromise earlier Thursday during an interview on Fox News. ‘Let me just say behind the scenes there are discussions underway to find a way forward,’ said Conrad. ‘To how would you harmonize what Leader Reid has come up with and Speaker Boehner has come up with and I’m increasingly of the view that we can do that.'”



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