Baseline Budgeting Makes Real Cuts Impossible in Washington

The notion that we can continue with baseline budgeting and continue the process as we have been doing now is only gonna lead to further disarray and higher deficits. What we need to do is get to real budgeting — and, in fact, a freeze. If we just had a budget freeze — freeze every item in the budget and then allow for inflation sized growth every year, whether it’s 2%, 3%, 4%, or whatever it is — we could theoretically come closer to balancing the budget without raising taxes and without cutting spending than going through these particular little debates and arguments that we have. Right now with baseline budgeting every department gets a ten to 12 percent increase regardless how much they need and then if they only spend a 6% increase they say to the American people they’ve had a 6% cut when nothing has been cut. The budget’s not being cut; the deficit really isn’t being cut. It’s only being refinanced with lower interest rates for a short time.

RUSH: And to prove it, when is the last time you saw the budget get smaller, versus how often have you heard Democrats whining and moaning about all the “Draconian cuts” in a Republican budget? You hear it multiple times a day. But there are never any cuts. Never have been. I played that sound bite just to show you and remind those of you who have been around that long just how long this has been a teachable item on this program.



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