Barack Obama Has Destroyed the Economy in Two-and-a-Half Years

What color is Jell-O? Red. What other color could he be talking about with Obama? Snerdley wanted to know what color Jell-O was talking about that Obama was. Red Jell-O. It’s 806 days, ladies and gentlemen, since Senate Democrats — and they run the place — have passed a budget. There are 365 days in a year. So it’s well over two years since the Democrats, who run the place, have passed a budget. The law requires them to pass a budget every year. Eight hundred six days and counting — and this, by the way, is the strategy. There’s no question. They devised two years ago a strategy: We’re not gonna present a budget: We’re not gonna tie ourselves down. This was part of the 2010 reelection strategy: Do put a budget out there because we don’t want voters to have any specifics about what we intend.

So they didn’t. Now the strategy remains implemented so that they don’t have to tie themselves to any of their own numbers specifically, so while they have no numbers, they have no budget — and Obama hasn’t presented one, either — the Republicans do. The Republicans are acting like the adults. The Republicans are presenting plans. Say what you want about some of them, but Republicans have ideas with numbers designed to seriously address the problem and fix it. Start down the road of fixing it. The Democrats, as a strategy, do not. For the sole purpose of doing nothing but assaulting the Republicans for the numbers that they present. In so doing, the Democrats have a free road in claiming that Republicans want senior citizens to die and the sick people to die and all this, ’cause the Democrats don’t have any numbers.

They have no specifics. They have no budget. Nor does Obama, other than this monstrosity from last February with a $3.7 trillion budget that not even one Democrat voted for. Other than that, they don’t have one — on purpose — so that the only numbers out there are Republican numbers that they can demagogue. That’s the strategy. So if Senate Democrats don’t have to project spending and revenues — if they can just choose not to in violation of the law — then why should I have to pay quarterly taxes? Why do I have to go to the trouble to project and pay taxes to the government based on my estimated taxable income, which I have to do every three months — and the second quarter is actually a beast ’cause you gotta do it in two months.



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