Bachmann: I’ll Help Obama Find a Job After I Win

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is getting more creative, and apparently more aggressive, in her political attacks against President Barack Obama.

On Saturday, the Minnesota congresswoman took fresh jabs at the president. In one instance, Bachmann said she hoped to oust him from his current employment, become president herself – and then help Obama find a job. Bachmann also blasted “Obamacare,” saying it would cost American jobs and questioning if Obama “was in his right mind” for championing it.

The comments came as Bachmann headlined an enthusiastic yet sparsely populated Tea Party rally at the state capitol in Des Moines, Iowa. Earlier Saturday, in Iowa City, the candidate launched a bus tour through the first-in-the-nation caucus state.

As she served up red meat to the assembled conservatives, Bachmann took aim at Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner – and the president – over the economy.



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