Algore ’92 Flashback: “Everything That Should be Down is Up”

Oh, Little Timmy’s getting depressed. Little Timmy is getting depressed. Timmy the tax cheat is getting depressed. All this is gonna happen if he doesn’t get his tax increases. That’s what he’s talking about. If he doesn’t get his tax increases, that’s what I mean, he can stop this. He’s in charge of this. Jay Carney is out there saying he doesn’t get a vote. He does have a vote. No question. (interruption) Well, I don’t know, Snerdley. All we can do is play the sound bite. December 6, 2010, he’s all opposed to tax increases, gonna raise the tax bill for average Americans $3,000 a year, can’t have that. Now, what, seven months later, gotta raise taxes. No. No. No. He took a huge hit from his base during that lame duck in December when he did not do away with the Bush tax rates, and we predicted then that part of his campaign would be to raise ’em, to get rid of ’em, raise taxes. That’s what he’s doing.

He’s pandering to his deranged base here, but he’s also doing what he wants. He did not get what he wants in the lame duck. He did not want to keep the Bush tax cuts. He knows that he can’t totally destroy all this and still get elected. He’s gotta pace it out. He’s gotta pace the destruction. Look, he’s not running on his record even now. He’s running on the Republicans. I’m telling you, John Boehner’s his lifeline. If Boehner caves, Obama’s reelected. That’s how he’s looking at it. That’s precisely how he sees this because what that means is that the Republican base is so ticked off that they form a third party or they don’t vote for Republicans, just totally fed up. That’s what Obama knows.



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