You Broke It and You Own It, Dems

The Democrats are trying to pull off something really audacious and really big, folks. I spotted it in the first hour of the program. It has nothing to do with Afghanistan, nothing to do with the president’s speech last night. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer had a joint Senate press conference yesterday, and they more than casually blamed the Republicans for sabotaging the economy and purposely wanting the economy to do poorly, purposely destroying jobs all for their reelection chances. They said it.

Now, everybody knows that the Democrats own this destruction. Obama and the Democrats, you own this, kids. You have done this. Your fingerprints are all over it. The unemployment, the home foreclosures, the stock market, the coming inflation, the massive deficits, the subprime mortgage business, the fact that people’s homes are underwater, you did this, there is no question you did it, and you are going to pay a huge political price for it in November of 2012. You can try to blame this on the Republicans all you want. In the process you are indicting yourselves. This is the great thing about this. They always project and they always accuse us of doing what they themselves are doing.



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