Women Have Palin Envy

CALLER: I have the answer for you about why Republican women and a lot of women don’t like Sarah Palin, and I’m probably gonna cause World War III here but it’s a numbers game. Because Sarah Palin is a “10,”and anyone I’ve found that below an “8” can’t stand her. Women are women first and conservatives and Republicans second, and the women that I talk to are so jealous of her. I don’t see them that way with Michele Bachmann, but I don’t know that Michele Bachmann has what Sarah Palin has. I love Sarah Palin, and I find that when I bring this up with women, they’re just insanely jealous.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: Yeah. Because they can’t give me a reason, and I see in other areas. Now it doesn’t matter if they’re conservative or they’re liberal, they’re like eaten up with jealousy — and if you look at Sarah Palin, she’s beautiful, she’s smart — no matter what anyone says, she’s smart — she’s got a nice looking husband, she’s got beautiful kids, she’s got a lot of integrity, and women do not like women who have it all. They just don’t. Unless they’re really secure. If they’re really secure, then they do, but every woman that I find that is real negative about her when I ask ’em what it is about her, they can’t put their finger on it — and then they have to take a good look at the woman, and if she’s not above an “8,” she hates Sarah Palin.



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