Why Aren’t You Liberals Happy?

When it comes to employment, you were given a choice. We could engage in economic policy which would remove obstacles from small and medium and large businesses in the private sector, make it more conducive for them to expand and grow, or we could take money out of their back pockets and out of their businesses and we could transfer it to Washington, and they could spend the money on so-called shovel-ready projects, which now the administration’s laughing about. There really weren’t any shovel-ready projects. They’re laughing about it. You were given a choice. You leftists were given all kinds of choices. And you chose, in the case of energy, no energy, no oil, no exploration, no drilling, no nothing. You chose moratoriums.

You chose policies that do not create jobs. You chose policies that grow government. Don’t complain to us about jobs. You’re getting what you want. You’re getting what you voted for. You were asked to choose between fewer regulations to speed up innovation, and you chose more regulations. You did not choose a path that would lead to an expansionist economy. You did not choose policies or a path that would lead to enhanced opportunity for prosperity. You were asked to choose between more free trade or more union controls over business, and what did you choose? You chose more union control. So everything you’ve chosen, you’ve gotten. And therefore I don’t understand why you’re complaining, because you got everything you wanted.

You wanted national health care, you’re damn well close to it. You believe that premiums are gonna be reduced on average by $2500. You assumed everybody was gonna have a policy. It wasn’t gonna cost anybody anything. You chose it; you found out it’s not what it was promised to be, but you gotta live with it. Why are you unhappy? I can’t fathom why you complain. I mean, I can see a gazillion reasons why Democrats and leftists ought to be voted out of office, but I don’t know why any of you liberals are complaining. You got what you wanted.



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