While GOP Women Dump on Palin, Dem Women Circle Round Weiner

Look at this now: You’ve got 24,000 e-mails being released by the State of Alaska about Sarah Palin and the New York Times and the Washington Post — hell, all of them — have camera crews there! They’ve got trucks. They’ve got reporters. They’ve solicited members of the public to pore through all of these e-mails desperate to find something that they can use that will finally, once and for all, destroy Sarah Palin. Yet not one bit of curiosity about: Who is Barack Obama? Not one shred of energy is being deployed to tell us who this guy really is, nor has there been! The same media that is out to destroy Sarah Palin and Bachmann, and any Republican that surfaces, is not at all interested in who Obama really is. Then those of us who want information on Obama, we end up being mocked!

We end up being laughed at and made fun of and called racist or what have you. “Come on, Rush, let it go! Can’t you just accept it? The guy was elected,” blah, blah, blah. Well, we sit here and we watch a search and destroy mission. This is what really makes me mad when I hear people on our side sit here and say, “Well, Rush she’s damaged goods.” Okay. “Just let it happen. Not much we can do about it. Gotta move on! Next.” I had my annual Spring Fling, which is a combination political golf weekend over five days. It was at the end of April, and I don’t mention the names of the guests because of privacy and all that, but I would love to be able to tell you who was there because I’ll tell you what we talked about, and it would matter.

But one of the subjects that came up one night at dinner was precisely this lack of unity on the right to circle the wagons and protect our own when any of us or them are under assault. If the media targets somebody for any kind of transgression, you can bet your bottom dollar that somebody on our side is going to join them. “Yeah, we’ve got to get rid of this person. This person is not fit to be one of us, not fit to be a conservative. This person is going to bring us all down,” and all of that is oriented in trying to be loved and respected by the left. So the left comes out and says, “X is a reprobate! Look at what X did,” a Republican candidate or elected official or whatever.

But you look at what’s happening in New York: Even liberal women are circling the wagons around Weiner! Liberal women are doing everything they can to not pile on the guy. Conservative women — and not just women, a lot of conservatives and Republicans — are on the bandwagon trying to destroy Sarah Palin, as they did try to destroy Christine O’Donnell. It was a major discussion point one night at dinner. It’s one of these phenomenons. You can see it happening right here with the Sarah Palin e-mails. Massive interest. “Gosh, can we find some dirt? Let’s get rid of her. Yes, yes, yes,” and enlisting the public to do so, and yet not one ounce of energy is spent on finding out exactly who Obama is or anything about his policies.



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