What Gov. Perry Has in Common with Pres. Obama

“You know who else inherited an economy from George Bush? Rick Perry.”

James Richard “Rick” Perry (born March 4, 1950) is the 47th and current Governor of Texas, having held the office since December 2000. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Elected Lieutenant Governor of Texas in 1998, he assumed office as governor in December 2000 when Governor George W. Bush resigned to become President of the United States.

The Texas Lyceum released information from its most recent poll, taken during May, and the bulk of Texans questioned feel the state’s economy is better off than the rest of the country. They also believe the worst is yet to come for the nation’s economy.

“Economically, you might say Texas has been doing pretty good, considering the other 49 states and in fact, I do say that as a matter of fact every chance I get, whether it’s in New York or California or wherever I happen to be,” Perry told a group of venture capitalists.

Political watchers note the relative economic success of Texas is a cornerstone of Perry’s national message, so a successful Central Texas would be a major asset for a successful Perry presidential campaign.



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