Weinergate: Too Small to Matter

Are you familiar with this Anthony Weiner business that’s out? I’ve had one e-mail on this today, and the e-mail said, “Go ahead! Go ahead and talk about it,” and I, frankly… (sigh) I had to look into this. I was not aware. I don’t tweet or twit, whatever, and I don’t read twitters, unless I can’t help it, unless somebody reports one in the context of something else that I’m reading. So I had to really dig deep to find out what this thing is all about, and the first thing I had to ask myself is… I guess they’re calling it Weinergate — “Is Weinergate really big enough to investigate?” The Weinergate story, to me, seems like it’s hard to swallow. There are just too many coincidences here. I guess what the guy did is he’s tweeting with some babe. Is that right?

Or twitting with some babe? He’s twitting with some babe in Seattle, and he supposedly sends a picture of his bulging package in his underwear and he claims that he was hacked, that it actually isn’t him. So I don’t know if the picture in question of Congressman Weiner’s underwear is an example of stand-up comedy or not. I don’t know if it’s an attempt to distract people from what’s going on, but I guess if anything… (sigh) You can say this does put the twit in Twitter, ’cause it got everybody captivated. I looked at all these people analyzing this and they put it on a timeline and chronology, and it escapes me why this is such a big deal.



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