Wallace fires back: ‘I guess the joke is on Jon Stewart’

Last week, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace interviewed Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart. And throughout the week, their exchange was analyzed and criticized, and some even chalked it up as a victory for Stewart because he supposedly exposed Fox News as some sort of tool of the right.

At the end of his “Fox News Sunday” program this week, Wallace had a response for Stewart. He clarified what Stewart considered a stunning admission by Wallace last week that Fox News offered “the other side of the story.” (Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann: ‘Are you a flake?’)

“Jon seemed to think that was a big deal that I said we tell the other side of the story,” Wallace said. “While I wish I had said the full story, here is what I meant. As we showed today, we don’t go easy on Republicans. But we try to provide a fuller perspective. For instance, pointing out the strengths and some of problems with Obamacare before anyone else did. But let me give you a classic example of what ‘fair and balanced’ means to me. After Hurricane Katrina, the mainstream media piled on FEMA for the failure to respond to the crisis. And the federal government did a lousy job. But it was Fox News that started reporting on the failure of the first responders – the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana to help people. Yes, we reported FEMA’s problems, but we also told the other side of the story.”



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