The Story of Palin and Paul Revere

This Paul Revere business. I happen to know, folks, a lot about Paul Revere. I happen to know a lot about this. Well, you will soon see why I know a lot about Paul Revere. I’m not stringing you along at all, and let me tell you this Palin thing with Paul Revere. To read about this is just fascinating, because she was right as far as it goes. Paul Revere started his midnight ride as everybody — well, I can’t say “everybody knows, but as most people were taught — to warn, “The British are coming! The British are coming,” and that happened? What did Palin do? She’s out there, she comes out of the church, the press, talking about Paul Revere? Oh, yeah, Paul Revere. He warned the British. He warned the British.

“They’re not gonna take our guns away from us, those bells are gonna be ringing out there.” People said, “Oh, my God, what an idiot! They think Paul Revere was warning the British! My God,” and they went nuts. Now, what happened was that Paul Revere got captured. Paul Revere was captured — and while in captivity, he did warn the British, “You ain’t gonna get away with this. We know that you’re here. Everybody knows. You’re not gonna be able to disarm us. The bells are gonna be ringing out there, and you’re not gonna surprise anybody.” So she was right. So they went to the historians, the highly respected historians, and to read this was just as humorous as it could be.



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