The Myth of Obama’s Competence

That is well stated in a number of ways. Because one of the things — and, again, anecdotal, just the past two, three days, including in the e-mails, all this controversy that has arisen here about Palin ever since Annette called here and said: “Rush, you’re missing the boat. The reason why women don’t like Palin is she’s a “10.” She’s good looking, and they’re just jealous.” The firestorm that inspired! It’s being talked about on other broadcasts all across the country, and the e-mails I’m getting obviously are in response to that, and the comments are based on that comment. There’s maybe two e-mails in this — and no phone calls — in this whole period of time (the last two-and-a-half days) disagreeing. Only two people said: “Rush, I don’t care about any of that. I just don’t think she’s qualified.”

I’ve only had two people say, “I don’t think she’s qualified.” Now, maybe that’s because her qualifications aren’t the subject being discussed, her appearance is. But even so, the door’s been open here to tell us why you don’t like Sarah Palin and nobody has said she’s not qualified. So here we’ve got Ron saying, “She’s going to be the greatest president ever. She’s going to move the country forward and do great things,” and the media is scared to death that’s going to be the case. They didn’t know anything about Obama and they don’t care where Obama’s taking the country. They don’t care. He’s right about that. We’re sitting around, we’re watching the country disintegrate in front of our eyes and they don’t care. All they care about is, “Will he continue to get away with it?”

Issue by issue it’s, “How will this affect Obama? How will this affect this re-election?”

Uh, Mr. Matthews, are you concerned that he’s destroying the economy?

“No, I only care about his re-election.”

They don’t care. They have no interest in that. Because everything in politics is a war. The decency, the goodness, what’s right for the country is not what’s on the table. The left is circling the wagons to protect their Weiner. They’re circling their wagons to protect Obama, they’re circling the wagons to protect liberalism. The country? “Meh, we’ll deal with that later.” The media think Obama is one of them. They think Palin is not one of them, even though she went to journalism school; Obama didn’t. The media believed they and Obama are one, that they are from the same class, that they are from the same ideological stripe and so forth. So there’s a kinship there. What he’s doing to the country policy wise they couldn’t care less. In fact, their frustration is that his approval numbers are not higher given how hard he’s trying and how “smart” he is and, “Why don’t people appreciate him as much as we do?”



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