The Ignorance of Barack Obama

You know, the relative utter ignorance, or the insulting incompetence, whatever it is, of Obama, to claim here that automation is doing us in. Okay, I’ll tell you what. If it’s a great idea to get rid of ATM machines to boost job growth, let’s get rid of front-end loaders and backhoes. I mean let’s get rid of road graders. You want shovel-ready jobs, let’s get rid of all the machines and let’s get a thousand people out there digging trenches and all the things that all of these backhoes and front loaders do. If an ATM machine is a job killer, then so is John Deere and Caterpillar.

You know, speaking of automation, this tea, Two If By Tea, available today, historic announcement made by me mere moments ago here on my own program. We began bottling millions of bottles a couple of weeks ago at the best bottling plant in the country and I went there to watch it. I’ve been fascinated by automation, assembly lines and this kind of thing, and to watch this, the giant vats — and by the way, we employed actual real food scientists. This is real tea, and it is brewed in giant vats, and these bottles are filled lickety-split as they go through the assembly line, the caps are placed on, they’re pasteurized, and this assembly line has created jobs. It would not be feasible for anybody with a bottled beverage to do it manually. You couldn’t meet the demand of the market.

And this is why I say, “Who is this guy? Why do we turn to him for any of the answers?” He doesn’t have any private sector experience with any of this. Automation, ATM machines, he doesn’t have anybody in his regime that’s ever been in the private sector. Faculty lounge, academics, theoreticians with no hands-on experience whatsoever, and they claim they are the ones who have all the answers.



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